Loacker Monster Wafer Recipe – Kiddo Will Love it!

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Kitchen is where the magic happens. Involving kids in cooking activity isn’t only the perfect bonding opportunity, but also bringing out creativity and honing their soft skills with the tools, steps, and measurements. It’s a good way to grow their interest toward food, and culinary in general too. Also undoubtedly a great trick to keep them on the table. And if you’re looking for colourful, easy, totally Insta-worthy, and kid-friendly snacks, Loacker Monster Wafer might be your and the little one’s favorite.

INIJIE Loacker Monster Wafer Recipe-004


I’d love to introduce you to the star of this recipe, which is none other than the pure goodness of Loacker wafer. It has been my long time favorite treat to munch. They have many flavour variants with different size you can pick. Not only that, the delicately crisp wafers and delicious cream is made out of premium ingredients. It has no colourings, preservatives, added flavourings, or hydrogenated fats. Loacker only uses the best vanilla pods, the finest cocoa blend, Italian hazelnuts, and high quality milk so it’s definitely safe for your kids. In this recipe, I go with the sweet and refreshing Raspberry Yoghurt flavour. The steps are very simple that you can take the kiddos to the kitchen.


INIJIE Loacker Monster Wafer Recipe-006


What you need:

  • Loacker Raspberry Yoghurt (or any flavour you like)
  • White chocolate
  • Food coloring
  • Edible eyes
  • Marshmallows
  • Jelly beans
  • Sprinkles


Step by Step:

  1. Cut the white chocolate in little cubes and put them in the microwave until they melt
  2. Add any preferable food coloring. The brighter the better! Tips: use several basic colors for a little ‘experiment’ on mixing hues. Blend!
  3. Dip half of Loacker Raspberry Yoghurt into the colored chocolateINIJIE Loacker Monster Wafer Recipe-007 INIJIE Loacker Monster Wafer Recipe-008
  4. The most awaited part: decorating! Use edible eyes, jelly beans, marshmallow, and toss sprinkles to make different funny faces. Explore that wild and creative side of you that makes the bonding session even more memorable.

Loacker Recipe Step by Step


When you’re done decorating, put them in the freezer for 20 minutes, and that’s it! Super easy, right?

INIJIE Loacker Monster Wafer Recipe-001INIJIE Loacker Monster Wafer Recipe-005


Confused? Worry not, here’s the complete step by step video:



Definitely you’ll have lots of good time with the little ones. And you have a fun and flavorful twist of the Loacker’s pure goodness. Dare to try? Or do you have any other creative ideas with Loacker? Please let me know ;)


Always delicous,






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  • TibetTour
    July 3, 2018

    Wow, thank you very much for this! Will definitely try this for our kids. We might also be offering this to our guests!

    Great write up!

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